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Hearts Across Forever

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Kathryn Calder is dedicated to her NY city career until an unexpected assisgnment to Jamaica changes the path of her life. From the moment she arrives on the exotic island, she is haunted by odd memories from a distant past. Is Flynt Kincade, the stranger she meets in an art gallery, part of that past? Kathryn senses he is, especially when dreams connecting her with Flynt grow more vivid. A visit to Rose Hall Great Plantation draws Kathryn into a scene from long ago when evil reigned in Jamaica and the white witch of Rose Hall was a part of the danger. Can a love affair from old Jamaica reach across forever and bring Kathryn and Flynt together?

5.0 out of 5 stars Hearts Across Forever by Mary Montague Sikes,
By Jennie DeGenaro (USA)

This review is from: Hearts Across Forever (Paperback)
"Hearts Across Forever" by Mary Montague Sikes is one of those books you rarely run across. It's really a page turner. It includes an exciting romance, the right amount of the supernatural, mysterious happenings and strange religions that make this book well worth the read. The romance between two New York executives unfolds in Jamaica where the beautiful setting makes a fine backdrop for fascinating, and sometimes frightening, happenings. We hope Sikes writes many more books like this for us to read in the future.

By Pamela Waller (Aurora, IL United States) -

This review is from: Hearts Across Forever (Paperback)
Delightful....A voyage of discovery that includes elements of romance, mystery, and fantasy. This author weaves a wonderful tale of timeless love that is carried from the present to the past. You won't want to put this book down until the last page is read. A spectacular debut.

By Jane Gerring (Richmond, VA) -

This review is from: Hearts Across Forever (Paperback)
When Kathryn Calder and Flynt Kincaid of New York City are transplanted to Jamaica, their attraction to the supernatural flavor of society they find that includes voodoo and native magic whets the appetite of the reader to learn more about its culture as well. Unexplained feelings of familiarity with Rose Hall and reocurring dreams that match its history baffle and terrify Kathryn. Flynt fears for his friend's safety as she is drawn to find out more about the scenes of these dreams and paintings depicting them. A computer expert on special assignment, Kathryn has always been a strictly level-headed career woman. Is stress getting to her or does she really have a former attachment from another time to the famous Rose Hall plantation with which she is obsessed that is now a tourist attraction. This is a page turning, hair-raising story that rivets the reader to the book until it it finished.

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