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Friday, January 15, 2010

Angels over the Haitian Palace

This has nothing to do with writing except that it relates to research in some small way. Soon after I heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I remembered I had created a painting of the Haitian palace a few years ago. During a trip there a week before the February 5, 1986 overturn of the government, I took photographs of the palace, all the while wondering how such a magnificent structure existed amidst the dire poverty of the Haitian people.

When I pulled the pastel painting from the flat file drawer in my art closet, I was amazed to see the angels. I had forgotten the emotion I had felt at the contrast and the evil I believed existed in that palace--so much evil that I painted six angels to change the feel of that place. That the palace crumbled in the earthquake did not surprise me. I can only hope that with the current world focus on Haiti that all the evil will vanish and Haiti will join its Caribbean neighbors in prosperity.

And I wonder, from where did the angels come?

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