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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Past Life Regressions

Past Life is the name of the new series on Fox. I realized the title mistake as I watched a preview for another episode. In the last program that aired February 11, the word regression was used often to describe what happened when the girl in the story experienced a flash back into the previous life.

Past life regression is the term I associate with the hypnotic regression a hypnotherapist does with a client to help him/her uncover the source of a problem that may be associated with a past life. In the TV program, it appears the regression depicted is of the spontaneous type since no hypnotherapist is involved. In regressions with a hypnotherapist, the individual is taken back to a point in time associated with a current life situation. I have not read the latest research on hypnotic regression nor anything written recently about spontaneous regressions. I'd like to know more about scientific research into the subject. I'd also like to know of documented cases of actual spontaneous regression. Is there such a thing?

I used regression in my reincarnation story, Hearts Across Forever It works in fiction. I'll be watching and maybe taking notes during the next episode of Past Life.

Mary Montague Sikes

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