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Saturday, March 13, 2010

IsThis Artist a Walk-In?

A segment on the CBS Early Show this morning caught my attention. Before a double brain aneurysm put him into a coma, Tommy McHugh, a handyman from Liverpool, England, never exhibited much interest in art. However, as documented in the Early Show, when McHugh awakened from his week-long coma, he suddenly became a compulsive artist. Now, he paints for up 18 hours a day. His whole life has changed.

The story made me wonder, is McHugh now a walk-in? Is he like Lily, the heroine in my soon-to-be-released book, Night Watch? Lily's life changes and her interests shift when trauma strikes her life. Lily changes her job and her life goals. And she starts having different memories as well. Now nothing was said about McHugh having unusual memories, but they said he is now more emotional than he was in the past.

In my book, following her traumatic event, Lily appears different to her friends. She doesn’t like the things she once liked, and she withdraws from her friends of the past.

Is McHugh a walk-in? Is Lily?

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Beth Trissel said...

Wow, this is really interesting. Both the newly artistic guy and your heroine. I believe trauma can greatly affect people, but this is quite unusual. Love your blog, btw!

Leah St. James said...

That is a fascinating story. Makes you wonder, exactly what does happen to the brain during a trauma, physical or emotional? I wonder too what makes an event become stamped on one person's memory but not another's. My sister and I have very different memories of the same family events, which is not uncommon. It does make sense then that something (a traumatic event) could jog free some of those buried memories.

Great topic, Monti!

Rebecca Rose said...

Wow that's really neat! It's amazing how the brain works and protects it's self from trauma. Maybe that was always who he was, an artist, and he kept it locked away. Who knows. Interesting how it coincides with your novel. :)

(Rebecca Rose)

Janice said...

I like the tie in with your book and the today show, but you'll have to explain walk-in to me. I haven't a clue to what that is.


Chelle Cordero said...

The brain is so very complex and we actually use such a small portion of it - it would make sense that a trauma to the brain which might force us to use other parts would also change us - in some case dramatically I am sure. Good premise for a book.

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Monti said...

Explaining the walk-in concept - A different spirit or soul replaces the original spirit that inhabited the body. Google walk-in and see what you get. Ruth Montgomery explained it well in her book, Strangers Among Us, written years ago.


Diana Cosby said...

Neat premise. The mind is truly the final frontier. I read about the artist. Interesting. Thanks for blogging on this fascinating topic.


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