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Friday, September 3, 2010

East Coast Stormy Waters and Hurricanes

"Stormy Seas" by MM Sikes, Woman's Care, Williamsburg, VA
September is the time of year when hurricanes tend to disrupt the lives of those living on the East Coast. Thankfully, Hurricane Earl gave Virginia only a glancing blow today. It also brought our small Tidewater community some much-needed rain and no wind.

Still, some folks I take aerobics classes with were worried about the flooding high tides might bring to low-lying areas of the Gloucester/Mathews Middle-Peninsula. And with wind, there's always the concern about power outages--an especially traumatic situation for writers. Even those with generators don't want to chance using their computers.

On September 18, 2003, Hurricane Isabel struck a devastating blow to our little community. The winds swept up the York River and gave our town a direct hit. We lost most of the trees in our orchard and a giant oak tree in our woods. A tree next to our house fell away from it instead of on it. We were fortunate. People living on the York lost homes or had homes that were badly flooded. One property owner watched her piano float up the river. We were without power for days; some people living in our county went weeks before their power was restored.

Earl and Isabel are examples of how we depend on nature being kind to us. A resident of the Outer Banks of North Carolina commented that she enjoys the beauty of her surroundings so much, she is willing to deal with the weather worries for a few days a year.

I enjoy my surroundings as well. I love looking out into the woods that form the view from my writing office. However, I'll never forget that night seven years ago when rain pounded our windows and trees crashed all around.


Amy Sikes said...

Good painting for today!

I guess I'll see if my wood are full of water once I get home!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those couple days a year are enough for me - I'm glad I don't live near the beach!

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

How interesting, I wrote a blog which will appear tomorrow about the three hurricanes I've been in and one was Isabel! Check it out tomorrow at

Holli said...

I empathize with all who are affected by hurricanes, whether gulf coast, east coast or elsewhere.

We stay on edge in New Orleans from June until December, but especially now at the fifth anniversary of Katrina. I just did a three part blog series on Katrina at

Historically, we get more hurricanes in September, so we are watching the tropics carefully right now, hoping nothing comes our way to disrupt school, utilities, or worse. But if nothing else, New Orleanians will be more prepared if the big one hits, although I don't doubt some people will still refuse to leave and a lot of the activity that occurred during Katrina will be repeated.

Monti said...

We had nothing like Katrina, but we are a small community--about 3000--so it was a hard hit proportionally! Our area has had other big impact hurricanes, including Hazel from many years ago that did a great deal of damage in our state. All in all, hurricanes are tough for writers who struggle with the loss of their tools!

N. R. Williams said...

I'm glad your safe and warm.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author