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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Deer Are Getting Tame - Oh My

When I came home from school this afternoon, I went out on our back deck and found a surprise. A young deer was standing just a few feet from the deck's edge staring at me. I watched for a few minutes expecting the animal to race off into the woods, but it never did. Instead it remained there munching on the abundant crop of acorns lying on the ground.

Eventually, I decided to go inside for my camera expecting the deer to have disappeared by the time I returned.

It hadn't..

In fact, when I returned I edged as close as I could without leaving the deck. The deer didn't give ground and stared back at me even as the flash on my camera went off for several different shots. I went back inside, and when I looked out later the deer was still there feasting on the acorns.

I've been watching our herd--sometimes as many as eight--for quite a few years. This is the first time I've seen one this tame. I'm not sure it's a good thing!

Here are a couple of the photos I took. Because the deer's coloring has changed to match the foliage and it was growing dark as well, the photos are not as clear as I hoped.



Mason Canyon said...

They are fun and amazing creatures to watch. The ones around my house usually run by the time I get the camera. Great shots.

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Mary Vaughn said...

Amazing that it didn't run. As you say that may not be a good thing.
God pics though.

DazyDayWriter said...

Maybe the deer sensed your friendly vibes, Monti ... hard to say why he didn't run off, but I'm glad you got to take a picture. Maybe it was a sign of good luck! --Daisy

Monti said...

Mason, Mary, and Daisy, thanks for your comments. I love the deer. Actually I stood and talked to this one and it stood looking at me licking its lips! Don't know what that may mean! I like the idea of a sign of good luck.

Peggy Frezon said...

I love seeing deer in my yard, especially because I live in the city and it's such a treat to see.

Monti said...

I understand, Peggy. I live in a very populated section of a small town but have a lot of wooded property that edges a marsh. A few years ago it was very rare to ever see a deer here especially in daylight. Now, it's a common occurrence.

Enid Wilson said...

That's unreal! Thanks for sharing the photos.

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