Daddy's Christmas Angel

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I love the sight and the smell of a live Christmas tree, but we haven't had one for years. Even though live trees are beautiful, they also are messy and need to be watered.

My photograph was taken of my friend, Mary Jane Tolley's tree. She invited us to see her live tree and the many special ornaments she has used to decorate it. Among her most treasured are the handmade ones her late husband, Rick Tolley, purchased in Germany. Rick was the head football coach at Marshall University who died in a tragic plane crash along with most of his football team. Mary Jane Tolley was supposed to be on the plane, but stayed home when their dog was taken ill and needed the attention of a vet. Several years ago, she was involved in the movie production--We Are Marshall--that depicted the painful rebuilding of the team. Her Christmas ornaments are indeed precious and very special.

Often, we do not stop to think of the reasons we have to be joyful during the holiday season. I can think of many right now. Merry Christmas!!!