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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Weather Touches Us All

"What Kind of Weather?"  MM Sikes
When I looked out from the deck of our condo located near the top of Sugar Mountain in North Carolina, I was awed by the scene at sunset. This was Tuesday evening following the horrific tornado that struck Joplin, MO Sunday evening. The weather pattern passing over us was part of that storm system. How beautiful the light and clouds appeared in the western North Carolina skies. Although it was windy and there were weather warnings, the storm clouds brought only heavy rains. At one point, we drove through a downpour of large hail. We were a little surprised the noisy nuggets of ice did no damage to the surface of our vehicle.

Although the weather touches all of us, we have no control over where 200 mile tornado winds will strike. When a tornado hit the Lambert International Airport in St. Louis last month, it swept through the terminal building with full force but did no damage to cars in the lot where our daughter's vehicle was parked. The St. Louis Cardinals baseball game was played at the same time that night.

The sweeping clouds in the late evening light were like a piece of art to us. How savage and ugly they were earlier.

We are little people on a large planet moving through space. We have no control.


anthony stemke said...

The weather can be very unpredictable, and dangerous. There was a storm in Atlanta, Georgia and two people were killed. But Joplin, oye.

Chuck said...

We have had our share of unpredictable weather here in Big D but not anywhere near as bad as as Joplin or Tuscaloosa.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Monty .. the sky can produce some awesome sights .. with some terrifying situations for those little ants called humans on this earth .. I feel for people affected by the strength of nature .. but where and how it comes we just don't know. The weather certainly touches us all .. very unpredictably .. I hope you can enjoy the rest of the Memorial weekend .. Hilary

Monti said...

Thank you, Anthony, Chuck, and Hilary for your comments. This has been such a crazy year for awful weather, and there is so much to rebuild. Even here in Virginia, 25 miles from me, part of a middle school was demolished. Fortunately it happened on a Saturday when no one was there because that part of the building was the tornado (storm) shelter!