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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fortunate in a Damaged Area -- Americans Can Be Proud

This morning I heard that well over 400,000 Dominion Power Customers were still without  electrical power. Yesterday, the number was 1.2 million, so that was a big improvement. People in lower King William County (Virginia) may not get their power back for quite some time because trees fell across the lines in so many places along the main highway.

Although we live in the midst of countless trees, we were quite fortunate. The only tree that fell on our property was uprooted and dropped over into the branches of another big sturdy tree. Since it poses no danger for anyone at this point, this scarlet oak will remain as is for a while. We were surprised to see such a shallow root system for this mighty oak. Many homes and yards sustained damage during this storm that hammered our area with dangerous winds for over five straight hours. Unlike Hurricane Isabel we were spared the flood waters this time. Our power was out about 36 hours, so we are so much better off than many others who do not know when their electricity will be restored.

We all owe thanks to the many Dominion Power employees and community volunteers who are working day and night to restore services and safety. People helping people. Americans can be proud.


Julie said...

So glad that you didn't have any more damage, and that your power has been restored. What a week you had! I just caught up with your previous post, and I'm sorry about the smoke and earthquake. You all have really been through something.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad the tree wasn't on your house. Yeah, oaks have very shallow roots. With enough wind and rain, they go over easy. Pine trees have deeper root systems and hold up better.

Monti said...

When you look at photos from Vermont and today Patterson, New Jersey, you can't help but be thankful!

Thanks, Julie!

We have countless more oaks, many within a few feet of our house, Alex. I love the trees and never thought about the danger they can pose until the hurricanes of recent years.

Amy Sikes said...

I'm afraid I'm less pleased with Dominion - still no power, and now they say it will be back on sometime today between 7 am and 1 pm. From what I read this morning, it sounds like they put JCC at the bottom of the priority list - the county supervisors are NOT happy!

Monti said...

Hope you get power soon. A lot of people in our little town still do not have power either. Don't know why JCC would be low priority.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Monti .. amazing what service providers have to sort out and sort out quickly in times like these.

Very glad your Scarlet Oak didn't damage anything .. lovely name for a tree (your other post!) ..

Glad all are safe - as Julie says .. earthquakes, hurricanes, smoke out, thankfully no floods for you ..

Have a more peaceful L D weekend ..Hilary

Monti said...

Thanks, Hilary! You have a lovely weekend as well!

Enid Wilson said...

Glad you're ok. Stay safe.

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Monti said...

Thanks, Enid. I'm glad to have power. When you're involved with the Internet, just a short loss of power puts you way behind!!!