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Friday, August 19, 2011

Turning a Trip into an Adventure

As the "Passenger to Paradise" I love to travel and to discover new places and adventures for my writing. It seems no matter where we go, some part of our journey turns into an unexpected adventure. Our latest trip to the Midwest was no exception.

"Looking Down from 40,000 Feet" MM Sikes
On August 8, we headed to Richmond International Airport with a planned destination at Wausau, Wisconsin. However, because the airport's long runway is closed for repairs, the regional jets have been forced to use a shorter runway. That means weight limitations, and that day about eight passengers were cut from each flight. When we realized we probably would not make it out of Richmond that day on the regional, we made a quick decision to inquire about a flight on another airline with a plane ready to depart for Atlanta in 10 minutes. On the other airline, we would fly into the Milwaukee Airport instead of Wausau. We made a snap decision to purchase tickets on that flight and just made it on the plane prior to takeoff. We changed planes in Atlanta and landed in Milwaukee in early evening without knowing where we would stay.

Along the way while flying at 40,000 feet, I enjoyed gazing down at the clouds. I kept thinking that in the not too distant future, we may be looking down from space stations orbiting high above the earth and seeing entire continents and oceans, not just clouds. It will be as routine as flying on commercial airliners today.

The General Mitchell International Airport is an attractive facility. We quickly found the hotel display area and started calling around. Although Best Western hotels had fallen into disfavor with us, I liked the display photos as well as the nearby location and decided to call. A pleasant young man named Ricco answered and because of the restaurants located within the hotel and the guest room overlooking the pool that he mentioned, I was persuaded to try Best Western. Ricco turned out to be the shuttle driver as well as the desk clerk who checked us in. His outgoing personality was an important determining factor which will make me consider Best Western Plus on another travel journey.

Moral of this story is when traveling, be flexible, be aware, and enjoy the journey. And, of course, be ready for any adventure that may present itself. More about this trip in my next blog.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Flying is still not my favorite thing!

Helen Ginger said...

I like to fly. My husband travels extensively and I often get to ride along, since it's free when I fly with him. So, I sort of feel like flying is old hat. Besides, I can take my laptop and work just about anywhere!

Monti said...

If you don't run into airport snafus, it sure gets you there faster!

I love snapping photos through the windows. This time, I got some great shots that I accidentally deleted before I downloaded them from the camera. I could have cried!!!

anthony stemke said...

I personally don't care for flying, wish we had a better passenger train system.