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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pan Am TV Show Is Great Period Drama

Sometimes television gets it right and produces great period drama that reminds us of times past we want to remember. Pan Am on ABC Sunday nights does just that. When I Googled the program name, I was disappointed to see that the show may be cancelled. That's despite the fact that the first episode garnered as many as 11 million viewers. Later shows attracted "only" 5 or 6 million viewers. That sounds like a lot of people watching to me. There is a petition you can sign requesting that ABC keep Pan Am on the air for next season.

Pan Am reminds me of those wonderful days when designers created the uniforms flight attendants wore. They called them stewardesses during the times the ABC show depicts. It must have been a fun job for those women who got to travel all over the world to exotic destinations, especially with an air line like Pan Am. I always enjoyed seeing Pan Am planes with their distinctive logos in the air or parked on the airport tarmacs prior to the demise of the airline. We flew Pan Am more than once on trips to St. Martin back in the 90s.

The television production depicts a era when traveling was fun. People dressed up and enjoyed getting pampered with good meals aboard the flight. First class often meant dinner service with filet mignon and other goumet foods and a variety of wines. Like on Pan Am, they were met with the offer of a glass of champagne.

If an airline, like American, would bring back TWA as part of its fleet, I suspect some of the public would relish the opportunity to fly pampered once more. Pan Am has helped us remember and long for a time past.

Consider signing the petition to keep the show on. It is drama at its best.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd like to go back to when air travel was fun. One turbulent flight ruined all that for me!

Monti said...

Wow! That sounds dramatic! Turbulence is scary.