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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heart Art - It's Not Just for Valentine's Day

"Lost Heart" Acrylic by MMSikes
There's something about the heart image that intrigues us. For quite a few years, Heart Art has fascinated me. I enjoy searching the Internet for heart images. They come in all shapes and colors. I've found lovely pastel paintings in many different heart compositions. One particularly memorable painting features a heart shape cut in a wall that is defined by the clouds and color of the sky showing through.

"Hilltop Hearts" Acrylic by MMSikes
I like to explain to the children I teach that hearts are not just for Valentine's Day. I show them a variety of art works in various colors, sizes, and formats. After seeing these creative pieces of Heart Art, the children always go on to paint an amazing variety of beautiful images that are not Valentines at all.

I love Heart Art and like to display it year round. Valentines are nice, too.

Happy Valentine's Day coming soon!


Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Beautiful art! We miss so much when we relegate something to a specific day, don't you think?

Monti said...

Thank you, Mary! Yes, we do, and there's something special about hearts that we need every day!

Enid Wilson said...

Valentine's Day is too commercialised. I think we should talk about our hearts and use our hearts more.

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sebtown294 said...

I am a silly abstract painter (for fun, not for real). One of my favorite paintings ever is of a broken heart. You MIGHT like it:

I am exploring the A to Z challenge and randomly chose your blog just to get acquainted -- love it!