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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Attracting Speaking Invitations - What's Your Approach?

How do you go about attracting speaking invitations? Some writers are really good at this. While I enjoy making talks and connecting with readers and with writers, I haven't attracted as many speaking invitations as I would like to have. That's why I was I was so drawn to an article I saw about the best ways to garner those invitations.

*One of the important factors the article points out is having a good quality, professionally-taken, engaging photograph of yourself on your internet site. I assume that goes for your web page, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. I fail there because I seldom find a photo of myself that I like. Several years ago, I got professional photos taken at a Romance Writers of America conference. They were "Photoshopped" to a point that I probably should never have used them for my first books. The ones I have now are taken by family members and are certainly not professional. Perhaps I need to have more real professional photos taken, but that's far down on my to-do lists. What about you? Are your photos professionally done?

*Having a brief description of you and your career, about 40 words, is the next suggestion. I fail again because creating a capsule description is really hard for me, so I put off doing it. What about you? Do you have that in your grasp and on your site?

*Briefly describe your lectures and titles of your talks. I like that one and have them somewhere, but not where I nor anyone else can readily find them. Failed again! Do you have those topics readily available for everyone to see?

*Do you provide evidence of your speaking experience on your site(s)? I don't. At least not enough.

*Having one-sentence descriptions of your books is another biggie. I fail once again. No wonder I'm not a sought-after speaker. Do you have this available on your site(s)?

*Do you have a video of yourself giving a speech or presentation? I don't, but it sounds like a wonderful idea.

The bottom line here for me is a lack of focused promotional efforts. I will never get speaking engagements nor book sales without them.


I tell my young art students that all the time, yet I fail to do it. So I fail.

In one of those notebooks I suggest everyone keep, write down, in order of importance, what you need to do to attract speaking invitations. Then, do them. (The photo goes to the bottom of my list.) See what you can attract. I'd love to know about your success.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I try not to attract speaking engagements...

Monti said...

You probably don't need them, Alex. Public speaking is not for everyone, but it can expand your visibility as a writer if you are comfortable doing it. Thanks for commenting.

anthony stemke said...

My spouse Kathy loves to speak to children in libraries and schools her childrens books and uses props. The kids love it. As a commercial venture it is not that successful but you have to start somewhere.

Pamela K. Kinney said...

I've done speaking engagements. Not that hard. Afraid to speak--a writer needs to communicate, even at book signings--if you want to sell your book. Take a theatre class or a class on speech-very beneficial, even not going to be an actor (like I have done professionally).

Monti said...

Thanks, Anthony, for commenting. Nice that your wife likes interacting with the children. They do love props. Perhaps adding enrichment to a child's life is more important than making a lot of money.

Monti said...

Pam, you do an amazing amount of promotion. Your theatrical background is a definite plus! Thanks for commenting.

KarenG said...

Hi Monti, I'm here from the A to Z Challenge List, getting a head start on finding some great new blogs. Nice to meet you! This post has some excellent ideas. There was a time I used to want speaking opportunities, until I face the truth that I was horrible at it and they did me more harm than good.


Monti said...

Thanks, Karen. Public speaking isn't for everyone. And writers can't do everything. It's up to us to pick and choose what works best for our projects and personalities.