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Friday, March 2, 2012

How Do Some People Stay Active Longer than Others?

As I watched Baseball Legend Red Schoendienst stand in the noon day sun signing baseballs and other memorabilia for nearly a half hour, I started to wonder why some people appear to age much more slowly than others. Schoendienst who is nearing 90 is a prime example of someone who appears almost ageless.Year after year, he arrives in St. Louis Cardinals spring training camp and goes from field to field watching players as they take practice drills. Since we started going to Jupiter, Florida about seven years ago to see the pitchers start to throw and fielders make their fielding plays, I've been amazed to see how little Schoendienst has changed. He appears strong and in good health. When he signed a baseball for me, his signature was clear and readable--many player signatures are not. He also added HOF 1989. That's the year he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, for which he is rightfully very proud.

All of us will grow older, but we want to age with grace. I certainly believe in the importance of exercise and a good diet. But is there something more? Is there something intangible that some people have and others do not?

For Schoendienst, there is his intense interest in and love for baseball. Is that the magic that brings good health--having a deep-rooted love for something or perhaps somebody? I've read that married men tend to live longer.

Is there an environment that makes a difference? How about coconut oil? I've read about this as an aide to prevent and/or treat Alzheimer's.

Now I want to know more about these studies.Everyone can benefit from more knowledge about aging with grace. Anyone have thoughts on this? It's never too early to learn how to have and maintain good health. I believe that Red Schoendienst has done just that.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think there are a lot of factors involved - staying in shape, being active, eating right, and having a purpose in life. Not to mention laughing often!

Chuck said...

I agree active lifestyle and healthy eating play a huge part. You hear of so many people who retire and don't plan for either of those things and then suddenly pass away. Humor and a positive outlook are keystones to a long life...and don't forget...never growing up!!

Michael Di Gesu said...

In one of my favorite movies.. Under the Tuscan Sun, one of the main characters gives a quote from her favorite Italian director Fellini... He says

"Never lose your child-like innocence." That, with a healthy lifestyle and having a purpose in life...

Never stop. keep the cogs in your mind turning and always find a new passion. Passion is what keeps us alive.

Since I plan to be Dorian Gray and look and fell youthful for as long as I can PULL IT OFF, LOL. That is what I plan to do.

So far it's working... LOL.

Monti said...

Purpose in life. Thank you, Alex! Laughter, too!!!

Monti said...

Never grow up! Thank you, Chuck for reminding us of that!!!

Monti said...

Look and feel youthful. I like that, Michael. And childlike innocence. How lovely if we can maintain that!!! Thank you for commenting.