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Friday, March 16, 2012

Seeing Art Everywhere - Photos From an Art Diary

Atrium Milwaukee Art Museum    MMSikes
Patterns and design intrigue me, especially when it comes to photography. You can imagine my surprise when I turned on my computer this afternoon, and up popped an image on Bing similar to those pictures I took last summer in the atrium of the Milwaukee Art Museum. The designer of the scenic structure was careful to allow the addition to the museum to appear almost like a boat floating along on Lake Michigan. The two days I was in the museum, numerous sailboats passed just outside the dramatic glass that reveals the lake view to visitors. I couldn't find those photos in my files today, but I'm certain I took them and will keep on looking for the lost files.

Seeing the Bing photo and reviewing those that I took reminded me of my post last week about using art and photos in diaries for memoirs. These pictures tell far more than words ever could about the majestic beauty of art especially when it is found in the monumental structure of a building.

Milwaukee Art Museum - Photo Through the Windows  MMSikes

When I was researching my coffee table book, Hotels to Remember, I visited the art museum. The construction of the new wing was underway but had not been completed. Seeing the magnificent finished product is awe-inspiring. If you are in Wisconsin or visiting Chicago, it is worth the extra effort to get to the museum.

You can start your own photo notebook. You'll never regret it!


Anonymous said...

I like buildings with cool patterns and designs too. Symmetry bothers me. I like to look at architecture books at the book store and travel the world so to speak checking out cool looking buildings.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd bookmarked the website for the museum and browsed through the pictures. It's an amazing place.

Monti said...

Thanks, Steve. You live in an area that has more innovative buildings than are usually found in rural Virginia. I love architecture books as well. The Milwaukee Art Museum is amazing. I wish I had time to just sit in the atrium and meditate.

Monti said...

Alex, the museum houses an outstanding collection of art work. I especially like the contemporary work hanging in the galleries! Thanks. I'm glad you like museum site enough to bookmark!

Unknown said...

Nice photos!