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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Around the World in 30 Days -- Canadian Rockies

"Rocky Mountain High" oil painting, 5' x8' - MMSikes
Around the World in 30 Days with the Passenger to Paradise hits Day 3 and C with the Canadian Rockies as the chosen destination. Visiting those rugged Rockies is a journey the Passenger has dreamed about for many years. While she was in graduate school in the painting department at Virginia Commonwealth University, she created a master's thesis exhibition of large paintings focusing on the Rocky Mountains. One painting, "Rocky Mountain High," is reproduced here. Photographs and slides she took in and of those mountains were the reference materials for her paintings.

However, she has never seen the Canadian Rockies. Her hope and dream is to someday take a train trip through the mountains, creating a series of photographs along the way.

Have you visited the Canadian Rockies? How are they different from the Rockies of our western states?


J.C. Martin said...

I love your A to Z theme! I've not been to any of the places you mentioned yet, but I'm hoping I'll come across something familiar soon!

J.C. Martin
A to Z Blogger

Monti said...

Thanks, J.C., and thanks for the follow!

Marian Allen said...

Monti, your paintings are SO GORGEOUS! I wish I had a particle of your talent. :)

Thank you so much for sharing the beauty with us.

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Misha Gericke said...

Wow that is a stunning painting! I can't imagine what the real thing is like. :-)

Emily said...

I've never been to the Canadian Rockies. They look beautiful!

MOV said...

great post! found you on the a to z. I am participating too and doing a travel theme. Will be back to read more!


Monti said...

Hi Marian,

Thank you SO much! I love to paint but have almost no time fo it now.

Thanks for commenting!

Monti said...

Thanks, Misha! I have unstretched the painting because the massive size made it impossible to transport in our van. Now I want to put it back on its stretchers but don't know where I will put it.

Monti said...

Emily, I suspect the Canadian Rockies are even more beautiful than ours here in the states. Thanks for commenting.

Monti said...

MOV, thanks for visiting and commenting.

Chuck said...

I have not seen the Canadian Rockies but I hear the train trip through them is spectacular. It could be on my bucket list.

Emily Moir said...

Lovely painting. There are so many beautiful places in this world.

Pearson Report said...

The Canadian Rockies, Alberta side, are stunning. As a BC girl I always say Alberta has the back side and we have the front. *grin*

I hope the Passenger gets to see the Canadian Rockies soon!

Jenny @ Pearson Report
Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.