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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Around the World in 30 Days --Eagle Harbor, Michigan

Eagle Harbor, MI - MMSikes
Continuing Around the World in 30 Days, the Passenger to Paradise fell in love with Eagle Harbor, Michigan while visiting there last summer. She had never been to Upper Peninsula before but had heard lots about it from artist Mary Ann Beckwith. Passenger was amazed by the remoteness of the area and the beauty of the landscape. However, the thought of spending a winter there hidden beneath the snow was not very appealing.

Eagle Harbor sits on the edge of Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake in the world. Passenger couldn't put her camera down, she was so captured by the beauty of the lake and so many other things, including a 1915 bridge over Eagle River.

The end of her journey was in Houghton where Passenger met her artist friend Beckwith, sipped wine on her porch and enjoyed a tour of the art hanging in her home. She also visited the construction of Beckwith's new studio over her garage. It was a trip filled with excitement, and although the Passenger has no plans to return, it was a powerful experience for her.

Have you ever visited the Upper Peninsula? Would you like to live there?


Unknown said...

Great photo!


Jemi Fraser said...

The UP is a beautiful place :)

Chuck said...

I have several relatives who live in Michigan but none in the UP. I have often heard how beautiful it is there and would really like to visit some time. The Mackinac bridge would be intersting to see.

Pa Ul said...

Cool E post interesting
Do check out my E or await for my F at GAC a-z

Monti said...

Thank you, Allison!

Monti said...

Jemi, I had no idea how unique and beautiful the UP is! Thanks for commenting.

Monti said...

Chuck, I haven't seen the Mackinac bridge but would love to go there.

Thanks for visiting!

Monti said...

Pa Ul, thanks, and I'll go take a look.