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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Writing My Book in the Corner Cafe

CoffeeThere are Corner Cafes all over our country. Right now, I'll bet many of them have someone sitting at a back table typing away on a laptop or a notebook. There's a bit of a mystique to someone writing a book while sipping coffee in The Corner Cafe. (Our book of short stories with that title, written by BBT Authors, is available free today on Amazon.)

Writing some or all of a book while sitting in a public space got me to thinking about my own writing career. My first book, Hearts Across Forever, was written while I sat in a lot of different places, maybe even in a corner cafe or two. Because it was my first attempt at long fiction, the story played out in numerous versions and rewrites. The first of my attempts was written in cursive on big yellow pads. I suspect a few of those hand-written pages still lie hidden somewhere in my writing studio today.

"Rose Hall" - Painting by MM Sikes
This book has an exotic touch to it, probably because the story was inspired by my first trip to the island of Jamaica where I was entranced and enchanted by the story of the "white witch" of Rose Hall Plantation. The "what-if" questions began immediately. Not only did I pull out my notepad, but I also yanked out drawing paper and pastels to create paintings of Rose Hall Great House.Hearts Across Forever (Passenger to Paradise)Those paintings inspired me to devise a story that crosses the ages between present day Jamaica and the days when the island was a British colony known for its sugarcane and rum. To add another exotic touch to this book, the final edits were made by telephone from the island of St. Martin--another fabulous destination where I hope to someday set a story.

I don't have a Corner Cafe near me today. If I did, I might sometimes carry my little mini computer with me and tarry there a while for inspiration.

Please don't forget The Corner Cafe is free today on Amazon. "A Face in the Window" is the name of my story. If you don't have a Kindle, just download the app for the Kindle Cloud Reader. That's what I did.

Maybe you can help us reach #1!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have a Kindle app on my iPad and have already downloaded The Corner Cafe!

Chuck said...

I downloaded it as well...more reading for my upcoming trip. When I stayed in Jamaica it was a resort in Ochre Rios...but I played golf on the White Witch golf course. Didn't have time to take the rum plantation tour but it was an interesting vacation. The aviary at the resort was huge and home to all sorts of exotic birds.

Monti said...

Yea! Thank you, Alex!

Monti said...

Chuck, I would love to know where you stayed in Ocho Rios. We've been to Jamaica more than a dozen times and stayed once at a place with a big aviary.

Thank you for downloading our book!

Maryann Miller said...

This was a nice post, Monti. I have written at our local coffee shop. A long time ago, I used to write my humorous column at McDonald's while my kids played in the playground. Thanks for prodding that memory.

Marian Allen said...

Before we got high-speed internet at home, I spent as much time as possible at a cafe in town. It's since closed, alas, but the Friends of the Library have a free coffee area in the library, so I sometimes go there.

It's great to be able to write and look up for people-watching inspiration! :)

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Monti said...

I love it that you wrote, Maryann, while your kids played. I never did that. Don't know why. I was more likely to draw or paint. Thanks for commenting.

Monti said...

That's nice your Friends of the Library provide a coffee area. With my weird schedule, I never seem to get to the library. Thanks for commenting, Marian.

Anonymous said...

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