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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Fascination with Angels and the Tapestry for Peace Continues

With my Tapestry for Peace panel in Denver
In 2005 while I was visiting Denver, I met with a wonderful woman by the name of Eve MacKintosh. She told me about her vision of an angel who told her, "There's a place in space for peace." She showed me the beginning of a panel being created by a member of the Denver Branch National League of American Pen Women for the Tapestry for Peace project, the idea for which Eve conceived after seeing the angel on the side of a Florida highway.

Representing the Richmond Branch NLAPW, I had already decided to create a panel for the project prior to meeting Eve. However, seeing Eve in person further inspired me because it was so special of her to meet with me, a perfect stranger, in a hotel where she lugged a pile of materials to show me how to start my panel. I cried when I learned of her sudden and unexpected death in late November of that year.

Some 60 panels were completed and hung for the NLAPW conference in Denver in April 2006. Several members of Eve's family participated in unveiling the Tapestry for Peace project. The tapestry panels later hung in the Colorado State Capitol Building for several months and was viewed by thousands from all over the world.

Tapestry for Peace panels hang in Denver 2006
For a while, I kept up with the Tapestry for Peace project by way of its web site, but that eventually vanished. Sadly, I couldn't find out anything more about its whereabouts. Eve's plan was to have it travel all over the world in promotion of peace.

In early June, I was thrilled to discover that the project had resurfaced. The final art panel--66 total--was sewn in place in March 2012 by members of the Denver Branch.

A video documentary about the tapestry is now nearing completion and will be for sale. The search for a permanent home is underway.

Such a magnificent project envisioned by an amazing lady. I look forward to following the development of the next chapter in the life of the Tapestry for Peace.

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