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Monday, August 20, 2012

Touching an Eagle in Sedona Inspires a Novel, Eagle Rising

Author touches a bronze eagle created by sculptor Lloyd Pinay

 From the moment I first saw those dramatic red rocks rising from the arid land that surrounds Sedona, Arizona, I was hooked. No wonder so many artists and writers have come for a visit and never wanted to leave. I first traveled to Sedona in the mid-1990s and since have returned again and again.

Onyx obelisk centers medicine wheel --MM Sikes
 Not only the terrain intrigues me but so does the spirituality that embraces the town and its inhabitants. Many of the shops are dedicated to New Age materials. One store, located across from the entrance to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village in Sedona, features a garden in the back complete with medicine wheel and onyx obelisk. The little garden overlooks picturesque Oak Creek.

An artist workshop and New Age seminars gave even more inspiration for my book, Eagle Rising. What if my heroine, Rachael Barker, witnesses the tragic death of her fiance in an airshow crash and comes to Sedona hoping to find recovery? My own jeep ride through the desert inspired some of the scenes in the book. The medicine wheels I found on journeys to the vortexes are part of the story. And then there is the eagle...

Here are reviews of Eagle Rising:

 Journalist Rachael Barker is sent to Sedona, Arizona by her editor in North Carolina to interview enigmatic novelist Arch Adamson and cover a lecture series he is conducting there in the red rock country. With little enthusiasm for the assignment and facing difficulties with Adamson, she does find stories to write and subjects to photograph while there. Former businessman Derek Ryder is in the area in search of a gold mine left him by his deceased grandfather and looking for a new life after a failed family relationship. As their paths cross after a chance meeting, emotions and responses of these seemingly regular people to extraordinary circumstances fascinate and hold the reader. Dreams, danger and adventure combine to keep the pages turning. Even though neither had been looking for a relationship, Barker or Derek become characters in this love story for the 21st century. This is a book not to miss by Mary Montague Sikes. -- --Jane Gerring, Richmond, Va. Author

"What delightful fun to pick up local writer and artist Mary "Monti" Montague Sikes's book, "Eagle Rising" and partake in  what I call a "good read." This prolific Tidewater, Virginia writer not only has written five books and many interesting articles that have appeared in local periodicals and magazines on the interesting lives of regional people, but she is also a very fine painter. The "eagle rising" thus becomes not only just the new title for her satisfying romantic mystery set in the American southwest, but symbolizes the creative spirit that rushes forth so naturally and in so many forms from this highly diversified artist."
Mary Wakefield Buxton

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Available in print and e-book versions.

Has someplace especially inspired a piece of your writing? Do you have notes stashed away intending to use them for a book?

I love Sedona and am happy for the inspiration I gain with each new visit.


Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I love reading about what inspired a writer to create a particular novel. I love Sedona too--for it's beauty, one of the most beautiful places in the world--and for all the quirky people. And of course, I love the Native American ties and all the places you can visit that are linked to early Indiana history.

Monti said...

Thanks for commenting, Marilyn. Amazing and unique beauty permeates Sedona area.

KarenG said...

Your book sounds really good and I'd love to read it. Will add to my tbr list! I enjoy books that give me a sense of place. A strong well-drawn setting is a delight in a novel.

Sally Carpenter said...

I've seen a number of novels that are set in or around Sedona so it much be quite a special place. The desert has its own particular beauty. Me, I'm more of a woods-and-river person.

Monti said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks. Please let me know what you think about this story. I love the setting!

Monti said...

Sally, thanks for commenting. Sedona is quite special. I live in the woods on a river, so the change of scenery is fun.

Chuck said...

I have been to Arizona many times and have never made it to Sedona. A friend of mine has only gone TO Sedona and raves about it every time he gets back. Guess one trip couldn't hurt!

Monti said...

Please check out Sedona, Chuck. You will love it!!!

Lynda R Young said...

I've visited Arizona, but didn't get a chance to see Sedona. I'd love to one day.

Monti said...

Sedona and the Grand Canyon--they're the two best places to visit in Arizona. Hope you go back and visit, Lynda!