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Friday, September 28, 2012

Looking at Blog Stats -- Who Visits, What Brings Them

Do you really study and use the blog stats available to you?

Recently, I took a closer look at the Stat Counter I have linked at the bottom of my blog. There's a lot more information there than I realized. The recent page load activity link is interesting because it shows where visitors are located. There's a way to check recent visitor activity and the key words that brought them to your site. You can see the time and how long they stayed.

A colored pie chart pops up to show the percentage of visit lengths. Sadly, most visitors seem to stay less than 5 seconds. Does that mean the visitor got there by accident?

There's a link to popular pages, so you can find out which pages get the most hits. You can also find out the key words that bring people to your blog. In January 2011, I wrote a little blog about the "Medium" television show and my dismay that they allowed Joe Dubois to die when actually, in real life, he was still very much alive. Almost every day, I still get the most hits from key words relating to Joe Dubois and the story I wrote a year and a half ago.

A couple of weeks ago, I started examining the stats available in the Blogger overview. It gives a nice chart of daily visits. If you click on stats, you can see the most popular posts and how many hits you've had on them in recent days. Again, Joe Dubois tops my list every day.

I'm looking to find another popular topic. Maybe I can discover some other key words people often search.

I'm heading to Google right now...

"Grove Park Inn" pastel from Hotels to Remember MMSikes

Paintings from Hotels to Remember

Sometimes I like to go back and revisit the original pastels from my coffee table book, Hotels to Remember. I did that today and decided to post one of the hotel paintings. This is the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. I think of serenity when I see this painting.

Quiet serenity--a good thought for the day.

Mary Montague Sikes

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