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Friday, September 7, 2012

TV Shows and Sunsets -- Popular Subjects for Writing and Photos

Recently, I noticed a big increase in traffic to my blog. When I consulted my blog stats, I discovered a big reason. In January 2011, I wrote a post about the death of Joe DuBois in the Medium TV series that suddenly was cancelled. Joe was one of my favorite television figures. I was both shocked and disappointed to see him killed off in the last episode. After I read the real life Joe is still alive, I was even more disappointed and surprised.

I loved the show with Patricia Arquette cast in the role of Allison DuBois. Besides Joe, I even liked the portrayal of the three real life daughters in the family. When I noticed all the many daily hits on my old blog post--almost 200 one day, I decided to investigate further. To my dismay I discovered articles and comments about an appearance Allison DuBois made in December 2010 on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Apparently, what she said and did left viewers disappointed in her and disinterested in ever watching the Medium. Comments in other articles were skeptical of her psychic abilities and her claims about work with criminal investigators.

Whether or not the claims made by people who disbelieve the psychic abilities of the real Allison DuBois have merit, I'm not sure it matters as far as the television show, Medium, is concerned. After all, we know that even shows based on real life have fiction in them. I very much enjoyed the characters depicting the real people. I especially loved Joe DuBois and admired his loyalty in Allison's life. I would like to think these people are real, but, ultimately, they are not.

And that's okay.

The stats made a point for me. Writing about a popular subject can drive traffic to your blog. To my surprise, "Notes Along the Way" for January 22, 2011 is the number one link on at least one of the Google searches. It is the number four link for Joe DuBois.


"Near the Dark of Night" MMSikes
Write about popular TV shows and post photos of sunsets. Now that's a winning combination! A new lesson learned.

--Mary Montague Sikes


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know some bloggers do that on purpose to get the hits. They'll just have to show up for my movie reviews.
And my most visited post is the page for the IWSG.

Monti said...

Thanks, Alex. This was a surprise for me. Your subjects should attract visitors. Wonderful that your support group attracts so many@