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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Body Language - Does it Concern You?

Recently I ran across a presentation about body language and how it affects the way buyers relate to you. The article and video related to artists selling art at outdoor events and in galleries. Of course, this also relates to authors promoting books at signings and to anyone who works in retail.

What I gathered from reading and watching is that you can turn people off when you close up by crossing your arms over your body and crossing your legs. You are crunching up to take up a smaller amount of space. Buyers reject this kind of posture. At least, according to what I gathered from watching the video and reading the article. They relate more to the person with an open stance who takes up more space.

The person who stands with hands on hips has a more inviting posture. That one surprised me because it might appear to others that person wants to dominate. I don't know. However, I often find myself in that pose just because it seems more comfortable. I'm not trying to dominate. At least, not consciously.

Message for authors and for artists: Open up. Be sincere. Invite conversation.

What do you think?

Ready for Halloween

Secrets by the Sea (Passenger to Paradise)My novel, Secrets by the Sea, features a ghost, so I'm pretty happy to be part of Leah Price's Daily Press blog for Halloween. Secrets is set in a haunted house, and it holds a special place in my heart. It's also a prequel to Jungle Jeopardy which with its black jaguar could be a Halloween story as well.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The hands on hips surprises me as well. Sorry, all I envision is an annoyed woman.

Monti said...

That's what my husband said as well, Alex!

Anonymous said...

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