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Friday, October 12, 2012

Where Art and Writing Collide

Write or paint?
Mary Montague Sikes, Will There Be Peace Anywhere?, Mixed water media, 41"H x 33"W, 2008.
"Will There Be Peace Anywhere?" copyright MMSikes

That's always a big question for me.

Which do you like best?

I don't know.

Writing is hard, but it's useful. I need the skill to promote my paintings.

Painting is hard, but it's fun. I can lose myself in the process. I love the joy of working in experimental water media. And I've discovered encaustic painting. I had no idea the excitement I would find in moving paint and wax around using a heat gun.

But wait. I can get lost as I develop the characters in a book and then become part of the story myself. That's fun, too.

And sometimes my art and photography illustrate my articles and my books. That's useful. I love combining the two.

I'm very excited that my painting "Will There Be Peace Anywhere?" was selected for the 2012 National Juried All-Media Exhibition  at the Petersburg Regeional Arts Center. The show has 65 artists from all over the country featured.

Romance. Happy endings. Exciting paintings. Meaningful art. These are all wonderful to have in your life--even though sometimes art and writing collide, and it makes you a little crazy.

Mary Montague Sikes