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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Jefferson Hotel, Alligators, and Blogger Stats

With all the interest in U-Tube productions going viral, a current peak of interest in a blog I wrote last June about the alligators that used to live in the Jefferson Hotel lobby has me wondering. In the last seven days, there have been almost 700 page views of that little story. That's almost going viral for me.

I'm not sure how the stats in the Blogger "overview" come about, but I like the listing of the most viewed blogs. Until this past week, the blog I wrote two years ago about Joe DuBois and the sad and unexpected ending of the Medium television series has always topped the list of page views. (That's probably because my blog post comes up second on the Google page--I don't know why.)

That alligators were ever allowed in lobby of any hotel is certainly amazing. I wonder now if guests were in any danger while they were there.These days, the Jefferson has a wonderful array of the iconic alligators in its shop in the Rotunda lobby that is appropriately named Gators Gifts.

Alligator at hotel entrance - copyright MMSikes

During the Christmas holiday season, the bronze statue of one of the original live alligators is decorated to greet guests at the lobby entrance. What a lovely way to honor those creatures that used to adorn the hotel in their unusual habitat.

I'm still curious about the Blogger stats which, incidentally, are completely different from the stat counter I keep at the bottom of my blog. If anyone knows what causes difference, I would welcome that information.

The Jefferson, alligators, and stats. The hotel is worth a visit just to see and photograph the bronze gator. But the restaurants are good too...

--Mary Montague Sikes


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think Diane Wolfe posted about that recently - that the hit counter on your blog is really inaccurate although the stats are a little better.
My most viewed item is the IWSG page.

Chuck said...

Live alligators in the lobby!! That sounds like a liability nightmare. I think the counts differs due to what it is counting...particularly if it counts YOUR visits. My counter blew out so I took it of and just use the counter on my blogger dashboard.

Ice Girl said...

Perhaps since the counter was put in place at a different time, the counters are off.

Alligators in a lobby? Oh my goodness!

Monti said...

Alex, thank you for the info about Diane Wolfe's post. I took her advice and have added Google Analytics. It will be interesting to see what that brings up!

Monti said...

Boy, can you ever believe what would happen with that, Chuck? I don't believe alligators uncaged would be possible today.

My counter stills counts my visits, I think, even though I clicked for it not to.

Thanks for the visit.

Monti said...

Actually, the counters say the same number except when I go to the details, Ice Girl. Yep. The thought is unsettling...but colorful!