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Friday, May 17, 2013

Cancelled TV Shows - I Wonder Why Golden Boy Is Gone

Except for baseball games, I don't watch a lot of television. But in the off-season, I can get hooked on certain programs.

That's what happened this year with "Golden Boy". The first time I watched it, I didn't really care for the cast of characters. Theo James in the lead role was completely arrogant. His partner, Chi McBride, big and black, seemed like a misfit with James. However, after viewing the show a few more times, I loved the way McBride handled his part. I completely cared for these characters. Once baseball season began, I started recording the show to watch later. Each week, I looked forward to the latest episode of the story about a detective who seven years from now is destined to become the youngest police commissioner in the history of the department. I especially looked forward to seeing the interaction between James and McBride who with his patience was making the young detective grow into a more likable character. I wondered what would happen to James in the years before he became police commissioner. I worried that McBride's character would die and wouldn't be there when James reached the top.

Earlier this week, I was shocked to learn that this show has been cancelled by CBS. "Vegas", another of my favorite TV programs, was also cancelled. In "Vegas", it was fascinating to see what Las Vegas was like in the 1950s with casinos dominated by the Mafia. Each week was filled with glamorous outfits to make the viewer grow nostalgic for an earlier time. It was a great show!

Now, I wonder why I love the television shows that get cancelled. Hopefully, "Person of Interest", "NCIS", and "NCIS Los Angeles" will remain. I also like "Blue Bloods" and am still missing "Friday Night Lights".

Do any of you have favorite shows that got cancelled for next season? Is there any hope for CBS to have a change of heart ? I'll keep wondering why "Golden Boy" is gone.


Amy Sikes said...

I have a long list of shows that were prematurely cancelled when other - to me, lesser - shows went on for years and years!

I'm surprised you like "Vegas"! The one episode I watched was so filled with violence, I didn't ever want to watch it again.

Cherie Reich said...

Oh, no! I loved Golden Boy (half the reason is because I was rather enamored by Theo James' attractiveness but it was a fascinating and complex show). I also loved Vegas too. I'm sad to see them both go. :(

Marian Allen said...

I got hooked on Chi McBride when he was on another cancelled favorite, Pushing Daisies. I also still miss Eli Stone. And, always, Firefly!

Marian Allen
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's why I prefer A&E and the other cable channels - they will give a show a chance, while the big four axe good shows too soon.

Chuck said...

No worries both NCIS shows are back and so is Person of Interest. I was very surprised to see CSI New York got the axe. So did the quirky Last Resort...which I thought was just getting good but I always figured the plot line was going to be hard to sustain more than a season. I still miss Jericho and Fringe!!

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Amy, the history overcame my dislike for the violence.

Cherie, wonder if they might get picked up by another channel?

Marian, thanks for sharing your TV losses!

Alex, I forget to check the other channels. Thanks for mentioning A & E.

Chuck,I'm surprised any CSI is gone! Never saw Last Resort. My husband is happy about the revival of 24!