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Friday, June 14, 2013

Self-publishing Strategies for the Artist -- What's This

Well, folks, if you thought plans and strategies in the world of self-publishing were just for writers, think again. "Self-publishing Strategies" is the lead headline on the cover of the latest Professional Artist Magazine. The headline right below that one is: "Get Your Art into Local Media". So you see artists and writers face similar issues in promoting and selling their works.

In her article in the magazine, "Self-publishing and Technology," E. Brady Robinson urges artists to "clarify your goals, study your market, and develop a strategy." Sound familiar, writers?

Robinson points out the practical need for every artist to have a website. We know every writer needs one.

The next section of her article is about building an audience using social media. She focuses on the use by one artist of an iPhone camera to capture the images of people going about their daily activities. As a travel writer, I've always had a camera at the ready to document the stories I write. The digital camera is magic for both writer and artist.

Robinson also goes on to point out the value of Print on Demand as a device to aid artists in promotion of their work and making some of it visible to the public. Of course, POD has changed the world of writing. No more huge stacks of books in the garage or under the beds of self-published authors. It's a good thing for both artist and writer.

It's inspiring to read my copy of Professional Artist Magazine and see how artists and writers share similar challenges. It's exciting to be both artist and writer in today's digital age.

Enjoying the World of Art

In April, I had the exciting experience of actually creating a Painting a Day for the A to Z Blog Challenge. It was exhilarating to have a new and fun realistic painting at the end of each day. 

Now I'm back to the world of experimental water media art, creating paintings that viewers can see and determine their own meanings as they look at the work. My painting in the Members Show currently on view at This Century Art Gallery in Williamsburg VA is one of those creations.  I have many new paintings on canvas, Arches watercolor paper, and Yupo and will feature some of these new works on my blog from time to time. The Members Show at TCAG will be open to the public through July 19.

"Will There Be Peace Anywhere?" at Art Opening


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Some interesting ideas.
Good luck with the show!

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thanks, Alex!

Chuck said...

Well said, Mary! Hope you knock 'em dead at your show!

Chuck at Apocalypse Now