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Monday, October 6, 2014

Travel to Exotic Places Adds Color for Writers and Painters

"Rainbow's End" ©Mary Montague Sikes
When I read about the travels of Samuel Clemens, AKA Mark Twain, I was a little surprised. He is most famous for his Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn novels, both set in the Midwest. However, his first best-seller, Innocents Abroad, published in 1869, was based on his journeys to Europe and the Middle East. Reports of his travels were printed in San Francisco and New York newspapers. Thus his book was born.

Novelists, newspaper and magazine writers, painters--all can be inspired by their travels. As a child, I could only dream of travel to far away places. I read about exotic and beautiful lands and determined I would one day visit some of them. Perhaps I was creating a bucket list even as a child.

"Waters Far Away"©Mary Montague Sikes
Last month, we visited Puerto Rico for a few days. Although we have stopped in San Juan to change planes a few times and have gotten stuck there overnight twice, I had never spent time on the island before. The temperature was perfect, the air fragrant, and the sea rolling over the sand was beautiful. Our resort featured the quiet beauty that I love most about the tropical islands of the Caribbean. It was ideal for the R and R we had not enjoyed all year long. Another time, we might journey to stroll along the streets of Old San Juan. Another time we might visit the Bacardi rum facility. But not this time.

"Tropical Paradise"©Mary Montague Sikes
"Even at Night" ©Mary Montague Sikes
 The writer made notes; the artist took photographs. The color was there to remember and to use. Travel to exotic places is perfect for writers and for painters. No wonder Mark Twain loved to travel.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The night shot is awesome!
I'm grateful for all the places I've lived around the world and traveled to since then. They do inspire. Another trip to Scotland and I might even be able to write a fantasy.

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thank you, Alex! You are fortunate to have lived in so many different places. What a wonderful heritage!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Monti .. The Waters Far Away - is a beautiful shot .. having just done a round trip of middle England ... I feel I've travelled far in mind, body and soul ... horizons to be revisited ..

I hope you can get to read my Narducci post ... it should I think interest you .. cheers Hilary

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thank you, Hilary! I am going to read it now!