Daddy's Christmas Angel

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Special "Pink Lady" in Southern Florida

Over the years, I have enjoyed visiting and writing about hotels, mostly those in the United States, Canada, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. Several of the locations I've chosen have beautiful pink edifices. One of my favorites was the Vinoy, a "pink lady" in St. Petersburg, Florida that is featured in my coffee table book, Hotels to Remember. When I wrote about it, I was especially intrigued by the grandeur evident from an earlier era in time. Destinations with a history are wonderful places to visit, so those were the ones I chose to include when I wrote my book.

The next "Pink Lady" I found was the Royal Hawaiian on Wakiki Beach in Hawaii. After painting a picture of it, I planned to include it in Hotels to Remember. However, by then, the volume had grown too large, so I decided to keep this gorgeous destination for another book that has not yet come to fruition.