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Saturday, April 22, 2017

"S" is for Serenity - #A to Z Blogging Challenge

"S" is for Serenity in the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017. I think of sitting in the woods among the trees as thoughts surround me. The painting today is from the "Spirit Visions" small images series. Is this a mindful painting of serenity?

"Serenity, Spirit Visions"  ©Mary Montague Sikes


The rock holds me, serene.
I stare around me and see nothing.
Emptiness chills and expands.
Birds stir and sing in the trees. 

Upward far above, I see a vision in the sky.
Fearless, I stand and watch
An angel tall holding a star.
I listen to the sounds of the universe.

Starlight is as quiet as sunshine.
Darkness envelops the woods.
I walk along a dusty path
Brave and strong on a new journey. 

The rock moves to the sound of thunder.
The angel glows and fills the sky with light.
From the earth, trees lift their branches
And share their secrets with the universe.

Mary Montague Sikes



Blikachuka said...

the peacefulness or serenity of nature is one of my favorite things about going out for walks or nature time

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Monti - love the poem ... trees lifting their branches and sharing their secrets with the universe - that wonderful universe we need to care for ... cheers Hilary

Birgit said...

Great swirls of colour URLs in this painting. I love your use of nature in the poem because nothing is as peaceful as nature

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thank you, Stargirl, for your comment about enjoying the serenity of nature.

Hilary, thank you for loving the poem!

Birgit, Nature is amazing in its peacefulness.