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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

'U" is for Universe - #A to Z Blogging Challenge

"U" is for Universe. That word means so much. To me, universe includes the stars and everything in between. To a little ant, universe might be far less expansive. Universe helps us put everything into perspective. Some of my favorite paintings are of the universe. Today's image is 22" x 30" using my favorite bright colors from Robert Doak paints on my favorite surface, Yupo.

"Universe" ©Mary Montague Sikes


There it is, all fire and ice.
The stars edging through the heavens.
Earth falters in its journey.
We sense the wonderment of it all.

Star bright, the vision leaps into our eyes.
Colors so pure, so real
They are not there at all.
The sight whirls away.

Star light, vision pauses before us.
We tumble and stumble as we watch.
Night and day are the same in the Universe
Where we cannot count the suns.

Fire and ice, beauty turns to water.
Toward the stars, I lift my arms
And let my voice call out
To those on other earths far away.

Mary Montague Sikes


Birgit said...

This one truly has me in its spell! It looks like crackled glass or the frost if colours were added. just wonderful colours. Your poem really captures everything as well.

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thank you, Birgit. The Robert Doak watercolors are the most beautiful paints ever!