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Monday, January 10, 2011

Book Trailers Along the Way

My Night Watch book trailer won third prize in the Spunk on a Stick trailer contest, and I'm very pleased. Diane Wolfe was gracious to host this contest, and I'm excited to win her series of YA books for the high school or public library of my choice!

This contest that brought in many new people to view some of our book trailers has started me thinking once again about how important is it to have a trailer for your book. Does it really matter when it comes to sales?

That's hard to determine. It could be that sales don't show up immediately. Maybe someone will see a trailer and remember the title of your book for a purchase later on. Maybe it doesn't matter at all about sales. Just having a book trailer to show might be an end in itself.

It's a little like how important is a blog? A blog gets you in touch with the world. Your name becomes better known to at least a few people. And, of course, blogging is addictive. Right now, I'm a little worried because I've discovered that blogging has made me need eight days a week!

No matter. I'm happy that some more people have looked at my blog and helped make it a winner. I'm happy for Betty Ann Harris who created the blog for me and has made a business of it.

Thank you, Diane Wolfe, for making this contest possible. Congratulations, Alex Cavanaugh and Bill Walker.

Eight days a week! Book trailers and blogs along the way...


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Eight days? Do I hear nine?
Congratulations on third place, Monti.
I realized the importance of a good trailer when mine started appearing all over the blogging world after its debut last July. (Which freaked me out at the time.) But it spurred interest, which was cool.

Mason Canyon said...

Congratulations on your book trailer. That was some tough competition. I think book trailers do help. It may not cause a person to buy the book right then, but when they are looking at books it will make it easier for them to remember your book. I think blogging is the same way. When an author gets their name, their book title and a photo of their book cover out for people to see, I think it really makes a difference. BTW, where can I sign up for that 8-day week?

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Amy Sikes said...

Congratulations on third place!!

(I did vote, both times! :) )

Monti said...

Nine would be better. I agree, Alex!

Hope you're right, Mason. That's my reasoning, too!

Thanks for voting, Amy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! on third place. I have yet to make a trailer. Its a great marketing tool. Best wishes for your continued success!