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Sunday, January 2, 2011

This and That

Alicia Sikes - Over Colorado
Since I've seen some reports from the ground of the snow in Colorado, I'm posting a photo I borrowed from my daughter's facebook account that she took flying over Colorado. Some of you in Colorado have been talking about being snowed in, so this is how you look from above!

What a difference a week can make, especially in Virginia. Here are photos from last Sunday and from today:

We have rain today which looks and feels much drearier than snow!
January is a dreary month anyway! But we do need the rain...


Mary Vaughn said...

Everything is so messed up. 56 yesterday and 29 today. Odd but the rain felt colder to me than the snow.

Mason Canyon said...

Great photos. Our weather is messed up too. We were in the 60s yesterday, upper 40s today and suppose to be in the upper 40s all week with lows in the 20s. Our rain was yesterday (all day long). Just never know what it's going to do. LOL

Thoughts in Progress

Bob Sanchez said...

Nice photos. Come spring, everything will look more promising, won't it?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

NC looks similar!