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Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Koala - A Painting a Day

"Koala Sleeping" - Acrylic Painting ©Mary Montague Sikes

A to Z Challenge

Here we are on the 11th day of the A to Z Challenge. I've chosen a koala for today's animal and am
using for reference a photograph that our daughter Amy took in Tasmania last November. I've never actually seen a koala and have been cautioned not to use the word bear with it because it is not a bear.

Someone asked how long it takes to paint one of these creations. I'm not sure because I prime several canvases with color a couple of days ahead of making a painting. For today's painting, I primed the canvas on Tuesday. Thursday morning I sketched in a basic drawing with my pencil on the canvas. That took just a few minutes. Thursday afternoon, I spent an hour working on the painting, then another hour that night. I am aiming to put each new painting and the post on schedule for midnight PDT. Since I live in Virginia, I have no idea why I'm on Pacific time with my blog, but I am.

Today's painting is acrylic on 11" x 14" gallery wrapped 1 and 1/2" deep canvas. I'm loving creating the paintings but am having a hard time going to the blogs of other Challenge participants. I hope to visit more this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who is following this project. It helps make it worthwhile!

Happy A to Z Challenge!


Amy Sikes said...

Adorable sleepy koala! The photo is actually from the first Tasmania trip in Jan. 2010.

Koalas are marsupials, just in case anyone is wondering. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think that's your best one yet!

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thanks, Amy. Marsupials!

Alex, I appreciate your visits! Thanks.

Suzi said...

Ahh. He's cute. I've always loved koala bears. Never seen one in person, but they look adorable.

Julie Flanders said...

Aww, I love koalas. This is adorable and as usual I love the colors.