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Thursday, April 6, 2017

"E" is for Eternity - #A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017

"E" is for Eternity. What a powerful word in the beginning week of the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017. Perhaps it is too powerful. As I study, the little "Spiritual Visions" paintings, it is hard to select the right one for this word. I hope I have made the correct choice. Please see what you think

"Eternity, Spirit Visions" ©Mary Montague Sikes


Is eternity a wall through which we step?
Staring at the sky as a child
The stars glowed far away.
Reaching out now, they are closer.

Colors lessen, yet grow deeper.
Purples crawl out of the darkness.
Blues are vivid, but greens reach out to me.
Perhaps they mean an early spring.

Life dies out in the winter,
But rushes back in springtime of the year. 
Plants burst from the ground.
They break through the eternal wall.

Eternity is a light that frees the darkness.
It is just beyond the wall
That we fail to see.
It touches us with quiet calm.

-Mary Montague Sikes




Leslie Moon said...

Your painting are a nice coupling with your verses. I think purple and blue are eternal colors as they reflect majesty and forever.

Thanks for sharing such beauty with the A to Z challenge.
A Piece of Uganda

Birgit said...

This is a lovely piece and the green on the left looks like an animal to me, a fantasy one, but an animal:) I love your poem and it has made me think.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Monti - lovely poem .. love the idea of it - tomorrow I'm going to a talk on colour and space - it'll be interesting ... love art too and nature as it blooms ... cheers Hilary

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Thank you, Leslie Moon, for your comments and visit.

Birgit, I love it that this made you think.

Hilary, thank you. You always have so much to say.