Daddy's Christmas Angel

Monday, May 19, 2008

Passenger to Paradise

My publisher, Billie Johnson--Oak Tree Books, has created a series for my books with exotic destinations--"Passenger to Paradise." The third book in the series, Secrets by the Sea, was released a couple of weeks ago. Set on the island of Antigua, it features one of my favorite destinations--the Caribbean.

Enchantment with tropical locales began for me more than 20 years ago when we took our first journey to Jamaica. Not only was the scenery spectacular, but we found our visit to the island was an adventure as well. Soldiers toting guns patrolled the roadways, and our bus driver cautioned us to gesture our agreement with whatever political party they were promoting. For the future we always planned our destinations in Jamaica to be all-inclusive spots. More than a dozen visits later, my book, Hearts Across Forever, was published. Set in Jamaica with the legend of the white witch of Rose Hall Plantation a major part of the plot, this book includes much that I discovered during our many visits. It is the first of the "Passenger to Paradise" series. Amazing sunsets, perfumed breezes, the spectacular seven-mile beach at Negril and so much more fill my memories of Jamaica.