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Monday, April 12, 2021

Hemingway - Loving Key West


The three evenings we recently spent watching the Hemingway documentary by Ken Burns reminded me of our many journeys to Key West, Florida. On several occasions, we visited 
"In the Hemingway Garden"
Key West Museum of Art & History at the Custom House, where there are numerous displays and videos depicting the life of Ernest Hemingway when he lived in Key West. The Custom House exhibits inspired us to explore the Hemingway House where the famed author lived and wrote and where we saw the descendants of his special six-toed cats.
Hemingway "Look Alike" Festival ©Sikes
On one visit to Key West, we encountered the Hemingway "Look Alike" Festival which was quite interesting. Looking at photos from it, 
"Six-toed Cat" ©MMSikes
the resemblance of the participants to the actual man is quite incredible. The photo I took was a location in front of the famous Sloppy Joe's bar that Hemingway enjoyed so much.
While we were in the Custom House Museum, we were fortunate to see many amazing sculptures by Seward Johnson. They sparked such an interest for us that every time we visit Key West, we have to stop by the museum to see the different works by Johnson.

In Johnson's "Mona Lisa" ©Sikes

"Olen and Marilyn" ©Sikes

Our journeys to Key West have always been memorable. No wonder Ernest Hemingway was fascinated by the southernmost destination in our country.