Daddy's Christmas Angel

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Angel of the Healing Lake

Oh dear Billie,

Thank you for the lovely word pictures of New Years past. I rather love the Christmas season and enjoy having our three daughters home with us for only a few days. New Year's means they've all gone home and leaves me feeling rather sad--missing the days when they were still children.

The changing of the year does get me thinking,"Where has the year gone so fast?" It makes me ponder about my writing goals and my painting goals as well. For 2009, my major writing goal is to promote the "Passenger to Paradise" series hard and steady. Having a new title coming out should bring more interest to the other three books, I reason. I would welcome the thoughts of others on this reasoning.

Regarding the Christmas season, I was amazed when I suddenly saw the angel that dominated my experimental painting originally titled "Ice Lake in the Sky." What do you think of my angel that appeared? The painting is now called "Angel of the Healing Lake."