Daddy's Christmas Angel

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Passenger to Paradise Logo

My publisher has created a logo for the Passenger to Paradise series, and I am thrilled with it. On Wednesday, I received a box with Passenger to Paradise business cards that Billie created--both front and back. She has a descriptive line for each book.

Hearts Across Forever - Jamaica...The white witch of Rose Hall, past lives, present day voodoo

Eagle Rising- Sedona's powerful vortexes and burnished landscapes

Secrets by the Sea - A sprawling mansion overlooking the shores of Antigua...tour every room--exquisite ones, charming ones and the secret ones

Night Watch - For tropical intrigue and treachery, choose Trinidad

I also have a T-shirt with the new logo. Now I have to decide how to best use these devices in my promotion of Night Watch, but that's another post.

Any suggestions other authors have for use of a logo are welcome.