Daddy's Christmas Angel

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last Time I Saw Sedona I Went Shopping

Summer 2007 was the last time I visited Sedona, and it was an exciting experience. As soon as we arrived outside the resort, I discovered a bronze eagle that looked like the one I imagined flying high over the desert in my book, Eagle Rising. That same day we found a beautiful Chico's in the upscale Pinot Pointe Mall. Although I had no intention of buying anything, I went in to look. A dark narrow skirt with an Indian-look fringe caught my eye, and I had to try it on. Then I spotted a bright orange Tee that was perfect with the skirt. I found two pairs of crop pants in prints I couldn't resist and more Tees. But the most marvelous find of my shopping career (grin) came when I espied a belt hanging from a sales rack mid-store. It was the most gorgeous accent piece I had ever seen--three bright beaded medallions highlighting a heavy chain belt. The belt decorating the orange Tee and the fringed skirt would be the perfect outfit to wear for book signings once Eagle Rising was released by my publisher. So much of my novel centers around Indian lore that the look was perfect and made the point I often emphasize--dress the part. My new outfit would show a little of what my book was about. I wasn't going shopping; I didn't need any clothes. But I did need a signing outfit for my new book. Thank you Chico's!