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Hearts Across Forever

An unexpected job assignment in Jamaica changes the path of Kathryn Calder's life. From the moment she arrives on the exotic island, she is haunted by odd memories from a distant past. Is Flynt Kincade, the stranger she meets in an art gallery, part of that past? Kathryn senses he is, especially when dreams connecting her with Flynt grow more vivid. A visit to Rose Hall Great Plantation draws Kathryn into a scene that relates to the infamous "white witch".  What does this strange vision mean? How do the dreams she started having once she arrived in Jamaica relate to her "deja vu" experiences?

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Spirit Visions Soul Songs

Spirit Visions Soul Songs features paintings and writings to inspire meditation and focus. Mary Montague Sikes believes that readers will find meaning for themselves in both the images and the words she has created intuitively. Beyond her windows, the trees in the forest provide inspiration for symbolic art and words that speak poetically. "It is the zodiac moments that guide our spirits in the long journey through the green valley," she writes. "From under the little trees, the fairies come and lead the zealous to the land of angels." This is a book to lie quietly on a coffee table until a seeker reaches out to its pages.

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An Artful Animal Alphabet

An Artful Animal Alphabet is a children's book illustrated with colorful and whimsical drawings of animals by the author. Each drawing also includes a paragraph of interesting facts about the animals such as where they live, what they eat and unusual behaviors or characteristics. This beautiful hard cover book can also serve as a coffee table book for adults, especially those who love animals.

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