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Monday, January 24, 2011

Minivans Getting a Makeover

Paintings await loading into our van.
A segment this morning on the Today Show about minivans getting a makeover caught my attention. Although we have owned minivans for more than 10 years, I have always considered them homely vehicles. But they are wonderful as well. Because I'm an artist I need the big flat space in the back for transporting very large paintings. Because I'm a writer I use the entire back seat for my office (with my husband driving). The sliding door allows me to sit down inside the van while holding an armload of items, including my laptop computer. I plug the computer into one of the convenient outlets (used to be cigarette lighters in earlier vehicles) and write away.

We actually own two minivans, both are Fords. While I sometimes long for a smaller car to use on short trips, I don't think I can give up the convenience and comfort of the homely minivan. Maybe they really will "pretty it up" or make it more dramatic-looking. The description of the new Ford C-Max sounds intriguing, but the sliding door may be missing.

What do you drive? Is the minivan too homely for you?


N. R. Williams said...

We have a Dodge Caravan which uses E-85. Hurray for alternate fuels. I love it too.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Since there's just me (usually) I drive a compact. I love it and will hate when the time to say goodbye comes :o(

Helen Ginger said...

When my kids were young, I drove a regular van. It was wonderful for long trips!

Daisy Hickman said...

Oh, Monti, this struck a chord with me. We've also had vans for about 10 years ... but recently switched to a ford escape. Not a good idea! The van is much better in so many ways. We feel cramped in this vehicle, and not as safe. Plus, the sliding doors are wonderful for elderly passengers, for Noah (he loved to jump in), and for whatever else comes along. We haven't tried a long trip in this vehicle, but I have a feeling we may avoid when possible! Homely or not, the van is a great choice.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

I loved station wagons until vans replaced them. Since I paint some really large paintings--think 4 x 6 feet, I have to have the space.

The Caravan would work for me, Nancy.

Couldn't drive a compact, Mary Vaughn, unless it had a gigantic trunk, but a compact is great for one person.

Vans are wonderful for long trips, Helen.

I'm going to miss those sliding doors, Daisy, if we can't get them with the next car!

Thank you all for commenting!