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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hart of Dixie - What a Colorful Netflix series

"Southern Shores" ©Mary Montague Sikes
I don't consider myself a television addict, and I don't often "binge watch" a network series. However, recently I've become hooked on "Hart of Dixie", a series from a few years back that is showing on Netflix. At the moment, my viewing is nearing the end of Season 3 with the short, 10-episode Season 4 ahead. So far, I've watched well over 50 programs. It will be a sad time when I reach the final episode.

Blue Bell is a mostly sunny place to live. Located in southern Alabama, near Mobile, the town celebrates any and everything. Extravagant costumes show up right away when a new, unusual event is conceived. Beautiful, lavish cakes and pies adorn the streets for these celebrations. The bar, Rammer Jammer, is filled with people at all times of the day. When and where do these people work?

Lavon Hayes, the mayor of Blue Bell, is a retired NFL player who lives a life of drama, along with most everyone else in the town. One of stars of the series is named Lemon, often called Lemonade by her father who is the town doctor. George is a lawyer who doesn't have much to do, apparently. He and Lemon were together for 15 years, starting in high school when they were 15 years old until he left her at the altar in a much-touted wedding.

Dr. Zoe Hart, the protagonist, came to Blue Bell from New York City when she inherited a practice from a newly-discovered father. Her short, short skirts and outlandish outfits add to the color of the town and the series. Her love affair with Wade was a highlight of the show for me. The town bad boy, with a drunken father only he can rescue from the roof of the local church, Wade sometimes appears to be the most adult person in the show.

With so many violent programs on television, "Hart of Dixie" is refreshing and bright. With all its craziness, the show reminds me of Xanadu, the place of happiness and peace in the universe that my art series is seeking to discover.

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