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Monday, February 28, 2011

Enter Like a Rock Star - It Would Work for Writers, Too

For the past several years I've been watching baseball players and St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa. When LaRussa enters a room or comes onto a baseball field, he moves with authority and confidence. I get the feeling, he's entering like a rock star. Other high-paid players show the same confidence when they "come on stage."

The same is true of many well-known authors such as Nora Roberts. When she enters a room or takes the podium to make a talk, Nora exudes confidence. The Mary Burton author photo that depicts her standing tall, arms crossed is another example of an author with a fearless approach to the public. These people--ballplayers and authors--are confident, and they are successful.

As writers we can learn a big lesson from these celebrities. I love the idea of entering like a rock star. If you do, how can you fail to have self-confidence? Think about it. Shoulders back, standing tall, you are self-confident. Try it next time you make a talk, have a book signing, or enter a room. You may be surprised what happens if you enter like a rock star.

Does self-confidence aid a writer in promotion?

What part does self-confidence play in creating a star in any field?


Daisy Hickman said...

Good thoughts, Monti, and I agree, confidence is of supreme importance. Not the egotistical kind, but the calm sense of knowing ... the presence of composure and trust ... the confidence of kindness and inner joy. When detected in others, it's a pleasure to experience! --Daisy

Olen said...

Thanks, Daisy for your comment. I didn't mean arrogant which this could be. Inner confidence is what's important. That is very different from arrogant.