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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Historical Look at the Randolph Family in Virginia

Several months ago, I purchased The Randolph Women and Their Men by Ruth Doumlele. Since I don't often read historical or biographical prose, it has taken a while for me to open this book. But now that I have, I am captivated. Ruth Doumlele spent many years of her life researching this project which chronicles the years 1787 - 1816 in the history of the Randolph family in Virginia. So far I have been amazed to discover the relationship of the Randolphs to so many famous historical figures including Thomas Jefferson. I never realized the connection of communities such as Varina and Tuckahoe to Virginia history.

After I finish reading this book, I plan to post a more complete review. In the meantime, I wish to compliment Ruth Doumlele, a fellow member of the Richmond Branch National League of American Pen Women, on the amazing research she put into making this book project a reality.

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